Basketball Developements

Do The Simple Things Right

We are focusing on the benefits that basketball can bring to the youth in the surrounding area, as a social enterprise. Encouraging team work, communication and keeping fit, building self esteem, breaking down barriers, make new friends and to build confidence. We encourage our students to remember to have fun, whilst the coaching staffs priority is keeping children and adults safe in the learning environment.  Discover more about our service below with our fundamental values, above are events you can join based on your age group, we look forward to seeing you on the court to develop your basketball. 

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Working With

Social Inclusion

make new friends and discover new skills with our hour long sessions 

Staying Healthy

Stay fit with regular fun basketball sessions, we offer different age groups

Join The Fun

Find your local session in our events page and join in the fun


Playing basketball helps hone your concentration skills by staying focused on the game

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